ADHD & the Monkey

Lift, screen, stare, Stare, screen, stare, screen, stare, twitch, fidget, distract. Blink, stare, drool, sweat, type. Confuse, stress, overthink, spiral. Pivot, smaller screen, quiet typing, more starring. Tired, hungry, walk, snack, hunch, smaller screen again, more sweating. Snap back, no more hunch, deep breathe, stare, Bigger screen, louder typing, more sweating. Overthink, anxiety, depress, spiral,Continue reading “ADHD & the Monkey”

Should’s and Stuff

We spend our nights with our eyes squinched and our views’ blurred, with drinks in our hands and bodies crashing into us. But let me ask you….did you have a good time? Did you put yourself around the people who’d enhance your energy? Was your soul provided for in the purest ways? Were you truthfully andContinue reading “Should’s and Stuff”