“She’s a special one, you never let her go”

No let her go or else she will erupt in ways unimaginable, like a wildfire through a dry forest. What makes her so special is her desire for life and yearning for adventure. That is also what makes her so unattainable.

It’s a lonely world being a wild child. One with the earth, connecting with the worlds around her. But that’s what make her so beautiful: that she can seem so grounded yet so malleable, being able to fit in different corners of the world and embody those lives and mentalities. She’s a shapeshifter, forming to new adventures.

But alas she is so fleeting. She moves through this life with the grace of a feather floating down from a bird’s body and surfing through the waves of the open winds. Yet just like the wind, she can change at any moment, you can count on that. She is distracted and unfocused for the majority of her time getting lost in her daydreams. Yet she is so keen on finding a focused path that she can pour 100 percent of her heart into. She is ready to feel the fire that lights her soul and fills her with the abundant energy guiding her into a flow so effortless it becomes hypnotic.

So yes, cherish her, love her, embrace her being and breathe in her scent as long as you can. But understand she is fleeting. Remember that she loves you, she wishes her heart could stay with you, but when all is said and done, she needs to listen to her gut and tend to her heart, because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be the magnetic woman you admire.


  1. Ryan B. says:

    Very well written piece. Reminds me of a lot of the passionate relationships of my past. It’s funny, the girl you describe in this, it’s almost as if I’ve attempted to project her unto others. It’s what the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung refers to as the inner “anima” of a man. A sort perplexed divinity; Magical yet unstable, evasive but somehow consummate, a soul grounded in Mother Nature but a spirit that disperses into the wind.. something truly fleeting.. perhaps it’s my dysfunctional nature myself that treasures this “idea” so much. Also, I’ve come to accept that this female character is very real. In fact, she really does live in each and everyone of us. It’s the yin and yang that we all covet so dearly. As much as symmetry creates a pretty illustration pleasing to the eye, it’s in the contrast of things of which true beauty really lies.

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    1. YES. You got it Ryan! Spot ON. And Jung never even crossed my mind when riting this, but you are so correct in that reference to the “anima”. This girl I desribe is very much alive in all of us, as we cannot be fully present in every aspect of our lives 100 per cent of the time, yet it is something we aspire to master, as we want to bee bale ot experience limitless pleasure and joy in our lives. Knowing when we must walk away from expereinces, people, etc. is important. that;s what this piece is about. learning how to love and appreciatewhen you are with something or someone and then learning how to respectfully admire and continue to appreciate from afar when that thing or person leaves.


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