“I still want to be friends”

“We could still be friends”

“I do think you’re great though, I’d be down to be friends”

Breakups are a funny thing. We spend some time really getting to know someone in different ways than we would just a platonic relationship. We grow attached to their personality, their charisma, their charm; only for it to be taken away from us at a moments notice without any sort of warning. Only to be met with, “I think you’re great though, we can still be friends”. – oof…there it is.

Let me ask you something though. If I’m so great why do you not want to date me?

I have been the girlfriend and I have been the “friend” and going from girlfriend to “friend” only puts off the mourning until later when you’ve grown so sick of lying to yourself that you’ve harbored resentment towards that person. Now, all that’s left are coldness, loneliness and the feeling that you really are not good enough for anyone. it’s vicious and we need to learn to stop putting ourselves in situations that get us to these points. And when I say position, I mean the mentality.

Sure I could be your “friend” but that would only get us so far. I could put a smile on my face, tell you everything is “totally cool” and stuff down that pit in my stomach that wants to explode.

I could entertain the idea that being your “friend” is the best way to help the mourning period and that I am “in total control” of my emotions and how I am feeling. I could answer the half-hearted obligatory text messages that make me feel like “you still care about me” while ignoring the obvious fact that I very well know you’re just doing this to somehow prove you’re not a complete asshole. I could say yes to that one-time-after dinner you will be “so down” to go to, but conveniently, suddenly take me up on my offer to split the bill.

I could reign in all my urges to want to hold your hand, rub the back of your neck while you drive and kiss you at the end of the night, preparing myself for the definitive and concrete absence of the one thing that separates a friendship from a relationship. And to top it off, I could sit on my bed, staring at my phone that one night you finally decide to not text me to see what I’m doing, conjuring painful scenarios in my head of you out with some other person you’d rather kiss instead of me.

I could do all of that but I would be fooling myself for the hundredth time.

Dating is an amazing thing. You learn the typical routines these strangers abide by just to see if they’ll make it past the first few rounds to see if it will work out for their benefit. But you also learn a great deal about yourself in the process.

You learn how much you can actually take, how much you’ll tolerate, and for how long. You figure out that after however many tries, your heart can only hear those words so much and your mind can only allow you to entertain those ideas just the same.

So, yea, I could be your “friend” but I refuse to do that to myself again. I refuse to drag out the pain and become a cold, hollow shell of a person towards another human being, who I probably will never see again. So yea, I could be your “friend” but quite frankly, I really just don’t want to.

And, yea you’re, right, I am great.


I will have upper body strength.

I will have whole body strength to be able to lift myself up over jagged edges and towering boulders that kiss the sky as the clouds cushion the peaks of the obstacle that once stood before me.

I will find strength in mind; my whole mind, that will be the driving force of my willingness to move forward.

And I will have strength in heart; the engine to my entire being- feeding my soul with every beat.

I will have strength. Far more than I do right now.

Good Thoughts

Take this time to regroup.

Stop beating yourself up.

Wake up tomorrow and do.

Step back, breathe, and approach things differently, more patiently and more thought out.

Slow down bc lately you’ve been getting nowhere fast and that’s an awful feeling. You’ll get where you need to be-which is a good place. Because God won’t let you end up in a bad place.

These are practices that are never ending. They’re ideas that need constant attention and loving support in order to cultivate them in their purest form so that you can become your greatest self.

Love yourself and be proud.

Speak Your Truth

There comes a point in time in life when we make unexpected connections with people we wouldn’t think we’d be close with. Pay attention to those moments, they are so important.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend for dinner and it turned into a beautiful night. We ate dinner, drove around for a bit, but most importantly had great conversation.

We talked about things I never thought we would ever mention in our lives but it just so happened he and I were able to speak to each other in very vulnerable ways. Tonight confirmed that vulnerability does not have to mean opening up your deepest, darkest secrets, yet just speaking in your truest form.

Do not be afraid to be real in a world that is so cynical. Stand for what you believe in, speak your truth and do not be afraid to open up to unexpected people. Go out in the world, experience life in its rarest form, open yourself up to new possibilities that can move you in ways you never thought to be real or even exist. But most importantly, love yourself. Believe in who you are and nothing can stop you.

Speak your truth, because even if no one agrees, they can’t take that away from you.

Messes Can Be Cleaned

Messes can be cleaned.

Life is messy, but without messes we wouldn’t know how to appreciate when things were clean. It’s the same thing as never knowing success unless you fail. In a world where there’s more to worry about than spilled milk, messes should be the least of our troubles.

Being 20 and knowing as much as I can know at 20, I notice that the people around us young kids, the older people, seem to worry about things in my life as if they are affected by them directly. They seem to give advice as if they were in the situation themselves and with all due respect, they are not even the ones who are in our situations. Yes the advice comes from a good place and especially if they are a parent, of course they’re going to want to protect us best they can. But there comes a time when they need to let us make our own messes and better yet, let us figure out how to clean it.

Remember when we were little and we would spill a drink? Your mom or dad or whoever took care of you went to go get a paper towel and they wiped it up. But before they did they made sure you knew spilling your drink was a no no and that you should “be more careful next time”, and right in between getting the paper towel and cleaning up, they made sure they grumbled about how they’re wasting “yet another paper towel”. If life isn’t messy then why do paper towels exist? There are going to be some spills in life, some we can avoid and some we can’t. But just because a spill happened doesn’t mean you’re wrong or it’s bad. It just means you fumbled but there’s always a way to get the clean counter top back.

If you fumble in life, there’s always resources to help you get back on your feet. There’s people, places, and all sorts of different outlets to help you build yourself up again. Don’t be afraid to use them. Don’t be afraid to reach out in ways you wouldn’t normally because you never know what could really be the thing that helps you clean up your mess.

Do not be afraid of making a mess because messes can always be cleaned.

Make Sure People Know You Love Them

We have these people in our lives that are here on this earth and more times than not we find reasons not to have them in our lives and I just want to tell you that when I say I love you I mean I love that you’re in my life and that  I will do anything to keep you in it bc this is too important to let it fall through the cracks, this means too much and we’re too strong a team to let stupid menial things get in the way.

That was a text I sent to my boyfriend right after I finished an episode of One Tree Hill. This episode ended with two people- a boyfriend and a girlfriend- fighting for their lives after getting shot. Now I know it sounds cliche, you must be thinking “oh God another hopeless romantic writer whose desperately trying to prove love exists in the world”. But I say this with the most real, and vulnerable words I can speak.

My point with this is to tell you that we have people in our lives that leave, sometimes too easily. As a society we have become so emotionally detached and numb to the real tragedies that happen in the world and in our own lives.

I was scrolling through Facebook late at night one time and came across a quote that said something like this, ” I’ve become so emotionally numb to my own trauma in life I’ve had to face that when other people hear it their reaction is weird to me bc I’m so used to it now”.  We should not be living like this.This country has only been around just over 200 years, yet we have advanced so rapidly, that we have become immune to even the accidents that should get the same amount of heads to turn.

We should not be reacting to television shows more than we do our own lives. We now live in a world where we look at computer screens and scroll through our newsfeed and pay attention only when someone takes the device out of our hand, holds our face between their two hands and says, “hey look up for once”.

I not only sent that text, but published it so that it would be words the world could read. They are words that can mold to every type of relationship, not just romantic. We need to fight harder for the relationships we have because without bridges we built how did we ever get moving, how do we ever keep going?

If we see a bridge is about to burn, do not continue to watch it go up in flames, try to find anything in your surroundings to put it out. The only thing that should make your decision to stop and let the bridge burn, is if you see the person on the other side, who helped build that bridge is standing there, watching you in a panicked frenzy. They’re there, watching you put everything you can possibly find, in and around yourself to try and stop the bridge from burning. If they’re helping you on the other side fight harder, if they’re standing there, just starring then let it burn. That bridge held you both up for as long as it could until it couldn’t anymore. Relationships are so important in life we cannot let them escape our grasp so quickly.

Say I love you more to the people who you do love (and again love doesn’t have to be romantic). Tell them you’re proud of them. And even on the days you don’t particularly care for their attitude or whatever it may be that’s bugging you, tell them you like them even still. Because “you can love someone, but you can’t always like them”. Something my dad always says to me, ” I love you but I like you. I like the person you have become and the person you continue to become so I like you. But I love you because you’re my daughter and I’m so proud and happy to be your dad”.

So say I love you more and tell more people to text or call when they get home to make sure they’re okay. Knowing someone is safe makes all the difference in the world.

Find Your Chicken Soup Person

Find your chicken soup person.

What does that mean? It means find the person who makes you all warm inside just by thinking about them. The person who gives you your own personal feeling of home. The person who gives you both the freedom of a vacation and the security of a home.

Find your chicken soup person.

This is the person who will be there for you when you need it most. This is the person who will click with you and with whom you’ll have to explain nothing to. This is the person who will make your heart feel like it’s hugging a pillow.

Be someone’s chicken soup person.

Everything you want in a relationship, I guarantee you someone else wants the same exact thing. And I don’t mean the trivial stuff like what movies you guys like. I mean the stuff that matters.

Be the net who will catch your person if they fall. Be the voice who will speak for your person when they can’t seem to get their words out. Be the pillow your person can count on to be comforted by.

All the good things you want to feel in life, someone else wants to feel to. So open your heart and be someone’s chicken soup person.


Look at the World the Way Audrey Looks at New York City

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible”

Look at this picture and what do you see? It might be just another picture or it might be your favorite picture of your favorite icon who happens to be Audrey Hepburn.


But for me it’s something more.

While I love Audrey, I think this picture is much more than just a cute picture of her on the sidewalk. There’s confusion, curiosity, appreciation and that little glimmer of excitement that comes to you when faced with something so massive like the unknown.

When I look at this picture I see a world of wonderment. I see a young woman looking up at the massive buildings of New York City and admiring their overtaking of the city. As you can see, she is standing on the sidewalk, feet firmly planted on the ground with her hand grasping her handbag.  But what amazes me is, here we have this woman who is a world wide icon, very well known and yet in the hustle and bustle of New York, she seems so small. So normal, so sized down by the shapes around her that all she can do is look up. She looks human; impressed, confused, overwhelmed, amazed, excited and in awe.

This picture got me thinking, aren’t we all little like that? I mean, we all face battles and we have our struggles, but we also face big life-changing decisions that change our lives for the better. Both the good and the bad can be just as massive as the buildings in New York, but how we choose to enter them can be the reason for the different outcomes.

When faced with anything that seems to be too much to handle, just stop and look at it, and remember that you can do it and you will, it’s just a matter of how you do it that will determine how you come out on the other side.

Don’t fret, everything will be alright, and remember, nothing’s impossible =)

Prayer for your Thoughts

Thank God for the life I live

Thank God for the abilities he has given me

Thank God for the body he has given me

Thank God for the mind he has given me

Thank God for the spirit and soul he has given me

Thank God for the morals he has set in my brain, to be able to take knowledge and interpret it so I can understand how to navigate life even in the times that I don’t fully know

Thank God for the friends he has put into my life, without them I would not be the person I am today

And thank God for the family’s life he put me in, without them I would truly not be the person I am today.

He put me on this earth for a reason, so when I lose faith or life gets tough, I must remember to never give up because I would not be here if God did not think I could not make him happy and in turn, create a life that makes me happy.

Dominos Make Noise

A few months back I met this kid who told me he wanted to be a diplomat. He’s not an official Poly-Sci major and barely even know the inner-workings of how the government ran.

But damn is he smart.

He’s a history major, reads up on the current events of the world and might as well be in love with Nathan Drake or Hon Solo or any other strong male figure that is seen adventuring around foreign lands trying to uncover hidden truths of the world.

He has a vision of himself and yearns for adventure. But he’s anything but unreliable. He’s strong and a lot more secure than he thinks he is. And his mind is just as big as the maps he studies and gazes at in excitement. And I am so proud to call this kid my boyfriend.

When he told me what he really wanted to do was be a diplomat, my outside reaction was “….ummmm ok? How are you gonna do that?” but my inner reaction was “I may have just met the person who is just as crazy as me for wanting to be a blogger, motivational speaker and some day a TED Talk spokesperson”. He matched me, challenged me and forced me to admit to myself the “taboo” dream of pursuing my path as a writer – someone who writes her words as a comfort for anyone who needs a little bit of solace or that person who needs to hear those words that are said just right so that they can go out and carve their own path.

My point of me telling you this story is to remind you (and myself) to never suppress the voice in your head that’s screaming at you to do something that you really want to do, even if you’re scared. And when you find those people in your life that may have something to say that might be a bit “out there”, listen to them, because as they speak, if your mind is going off like a bunch of fireworks in silent agreement of what they are saying, let the fireworks go. DO NOT smother them.

“In a world that wants us to whisper I choose to yell” a quote from Luvvie Ajayi as she speaks about being a domino in a world that stands still.

Be your own domino, and choose to yell.