Shifting Gears

Hey there!

I hope you have been finding the passages from this blog interesting and intuitive. I hope they’ve been inspiring new thoughts in your mind so that you can think about the world from a different perspective.

I realize I haven’t posted much since January. In fact, I haven’t posted anything at all! And I wish I could say I’ve had a good reason for it, but truthfully,  I have let school, and work take up most of my creative time, therefore, I have not put much time into my blog as I would have liked. :(insert sad face here): However, once I figured that out and realized that I can no longer let that happen, something clicked and I decided some things needed to change.

I took a hard look at what I needed from my life and what my life needed me. I had a conversation with myself and said, “Maria, what is bringing you joy? What is making you happy? What have you not done this summer that you have wanted to do but couldn’t because of school or work or any other commitment, that yes is important, but might not necessarily be what’s important in your life now at this point in your life”? So I pulled up my calendar on my computer, looked it over, and said: “What needs to go”? I made decisions; hard ones that needed to be done. Had some conversations with people I trusted and cared about, and who I knew cared about me, reorganized my mind, changed my mindset and shifted gears to position myself in a planning state now, so I can achieve my goals later. I gained more perspective and made yet another decision to act intentionally, more deliberately with my life.

So this is my “checking – in” post. My post to let you guys, my faithful audience know that, I am alive, I am excited and I am ready to shift gears towards the next steps in Veronica.Visions and in my life! Big things will be coming in my schooling, my work and my everchanging, evolution-oriented life project that is Veronica.Visions.

Stick around for a while! You might want to see what happens here, in my (our) little corner of the world 🙂


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