About Maria


For those of you who don’t know me my name is Maria, and like it says on my bio, I am just a girl hoping to inspire maybe even just one person.

Just so you know who you are adventuring with, here’s a little bit about me; I graduated high school in 2016 with your traditional high school diploma while also earning a technical degree in Graphic Communications. In 2019 I earned my Associate Degree in General Studies with a concentration in Fine Arts, and am now on the road to finishing my BA in Advertising & Public Relations, hoping to work in a field that encourages different talents and strengths, while also appreciating various opinions that cultivate a similar message of progression towards a shared goal.

A little work background for you; I have worked in print shops and academic offices. I have dabbled in the world of sales, customer service, plus the food & entertainment industry. I have worked on many projects for companies, whether it be social media or PR based, and just recently I worked for a local non-profit, WaterFire Providence, a place that embodies what it means to be a local artist in today’s world. An experience that truly opened my eyes to what I want to do, rather than a job that got me through, with a paycheck, but just made me realize it in facts was not what I wanted for my career ahead.

Now for the fun stuff! I’m into music 🎶 (as most people are), all kinds, from Frank Sinatra to the Backstreet Boys, to Jazz and folksie music; you name it, I’ve probably listened to it at least once in my life. Oh and movies! Love me a good raining day where I can bunker down with my stuffed elephant 🐘 (I love elephants more than you know), my blanky and an A-list line up of my favorite movies! I also love to design; art has always been a passion of mine now that I think about it. Ever since I was little I’ve been drawing or creating in some regard. However, now my creativity is shifting more into writing as I grow up! I’ve really been enjoying my writing journey, as I explore the many avenues writing can lead to! love rock climbing 🧗‍♀️ , yoga and meditation🧘‍♂️, but I especially love connecting with people. Reflecting on years past, I have always wanted to make connections with people and learn about them; their story, where they come from and where they are going! I find one of the most fascinating things a person can do with their life is connect with people, on more levels than just knowing the basic, trivial bits of knowledge the rest of the world knows.

I am only so young but have faced many obstacles which I have worked through, which is proof of me living and breathing this very second as I type these words. my goal with my blog is to connect with people directly and also create an inclusive environment that promotes connectivity and collaboration. But if my blog does anything, I hope it brightens your day even just a little bit 🙂 I hope my words and stories are a breath of fresh air and possibly even a place of comfort and solitude.

My goal is always to be a good person, I want that to be a goal for more people in this world. We’re living in a weird time. Some might say that’s too weak of a word, but let’s face it, the world we live in is just plain weird right now. Be it a good weird or a bad weird, it is still weird. Sometimes it can get a little tricky to maneuver around but I assure you, you’re not alone in anything, and if you ever feel alone I hope you read my blog. I’m not saying I have all the answers I’m just saying, you’re not alone – ever.

Every day is a new journey to uncover new strengths and discover another version of you. Don’t let that go unnoticed. You’re made up of more than you think 🤔. Trust me, if I can figure that out about myself, you can figure it out about you 😉

All my love,

Maria 💜