Hey there,

Maria here!

I started Veronica.Visions as an avenue to get my thoughts out, blogging about everyday struggles people of all ages and backgrounds collide with, but I have turned it into a platform to create community and a space for like-minded people to come together and create important conversations.

Finishing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Public Relations and Advertising, I have experience in graphic design, copywriting, marketing and even sales.

With this brand, I plans to lend a helping hand to people who need it! Come to Veronica.Visions, to open conversations about the reality that is all of our lives; the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Or take it a step further reconstruct your brand, shining a new light on it!

Everything at V.V is created with intention and heart, with the universal goal in mind; helping people bring their visions to life!

Hope to hear from you soon!