A Letter to Myself, I Thought Was Important for You to Read

Love openly. love honestly, and appreciate the journey. See all the trials and tribulations for what they are; growing pains that help navigate two people into a better understanding relationship. Take all the criticisms and bickering and opposing thoughts and see your people for how they truly are without all the curated lenses we have created and the unrealistic expectations we have made up for them. Strip away the images you have created about your people, step back and really reflect on who they are, purely as themselves. By doing this, it will help to understand your place in their lives, and once that has been figured out, you can then move forward to a more pure and transparent relationship.

When you look at your people, I hope you see faces glowing of well-wishes for you and themselves and their own people! I hope when you see your people, your heart is filled with love and comfort. We may not agree with our people or like certain things they do or certain ways in how they live, but I hope you have genuine love for them as they are, and likewise they reciprocate back to you.

Be there for your people unconditionally, but with boundaries. Don’t be there when it will stretch you too thin, or when you’re hungry, tired, drained or plainly in a terrible mood. Be there when you can fully be there. Be there because you want to be there, and recognize that this person asked you to be there with them. Appreciate that they decided you were the person they wanted by their side for that particular situation, whatever that may be, and honor that by being there with them fully and presently.

They say if you can count five people who are truly there for you on one hand, then you are incredibly blessed. I am going further to say if you can count on both hands you’re mega blessed and if you have to move to toes, well then, you have a tremendous support system ready to catch you if you ever fall. Do not take that for granted if you can help it. I know I have for a while. Growing up having your entire family around to watch you grow and create memories with you, well, I count myself extremely blessed. But having that my life for the past 23 years, I have taken for granted my core people most definitely. Since they were there there from my day one, I assumed they’d always be there for me, and they most certainly have been, but it changes as I grow up, just as it changes for them. This is when I stop and think to appreciate them fully how far we have come.

What I am trying to tell you reader, is that growing into young adulthood, I am coming to terms with relationships changing, developing, and evolving. It has been very difficult but it has also been extremely beautiful to experience. Being able to watch my people’s transformations has been an enlightening, wonderful experience. Even if I was going through these changes with them and it wasn’t the best of times that got us to where we are today, we made it through together and stronger as a team.

So, maybe I did have to write this for me, and maybe I didn’t have to publish my self-discovery lesson, but I did anyway. I thought it would be a good thing to put out into the universe as we wrap up 2020. This year has been so tough, for many reasons and even more than I am able to comprehend, but I pray and you are healing reader, at least starting to in some way, shape or form. Keep remembering that you are doing your best, as are your people in your circle. Keep the faith and grow the love.

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