Make Sure People Know You Love Them

We have these people in our lives that are here on this earth and more times than not we find reasons not to have them in our lives and I just want to tell you that when I say I love you I mean I love that you’re in my life and that  I will do anything to keep you in it bc this is too important to let it fall through the cracks, this means too much and we’re too strong a team to let stupid menial things get in the way.

That was a text I sent to my boyfriend right after I finished an episode of One Tree Hill. This episode ended with two people- a boyfriend and a girlfriend- fighting for their lives after getting shot. Now I know it sounds cliche, you must be thinking “oh God another hopeless romantic writer whose desperately trying to prove love exists in the world”. But I say this with the most real, and vulnerable words I can speak.

My point with this is to tell you that we have people in our lives that leave, sometimes too easily. As a society we have become so emotionally detached and numb to the real tragedies that happen in the world and in our own lives.

I was scrolling through Facebook late at night one time and came across a quote that said something like this, ” I’ve become so emotionally numb to my own trauma in life I’ve had to face that when other people hear it their reaction is weird to me bc I’m so used to it now”.  We should not be living like this.This country has only been around just over 200 years, yet we have advanced so rapidly, that we have become immune to even the accidents that should get the same amount of heads to turn.

We should not be reacting to television shows more than we do our own lives. We now live in a world where we look at computer screens and scroll through our newsfeed and pay attention only when someone takes the device out of our hand, holds our face between their two hands and says, “hey look up for once”.

I not only sent that text, but published it so that it would be words the world could read. They are words that can mold to every type of relationship, not just romantic. We need to fight harder for the relationships we have because without bridges we built how did we ever get moving, how do we ever keep going?

If we see a bridge is about to burn, do not continue to watch it go up in flames, try to find anything in your surroundings to put it out. The only thing that should make your decision to stop and let the bridge burn, is if you see the person on the other side, who helped build that bridge is standing there, watching you in a panicked frenzy. They’re there, watching you put everything you can possibly find, in and around yourself to try and stop the bridge from burning. If they’re helping you on the other side fight harder, if they’re standing there, just starring then let it burn. That bridge held you both up for as long as it could until it couldn’t anymore. Relationships are so important in life we cannot let them escape our grasp so quickly.

Say I love you more to the people who you do love (and again love doesn’t have to be romantic). Tell them you’re proud of them. And even on the days you don’t particularly care for their attitude or whatever it may be that’s bugging you, tell them you like them even still. Because “you can love someone, but you can’t always like them”. Something my dad always says to me, ” I love you but I like you. I like the person you have become and the person you continue to become so I like you. But I love you because you’re my daughter and I’m so proud and happy to be your dad”.

So say I love you more and tell more people to text or call when they get home to make sure they’re okay. Knowing someone is safe makes all the difference in the world.

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