Speak Your Truth

There comes a point in time in life when we make unexpected connections with people we wouldn’t think we’d be close with. Pay attention to those moments, they are so important.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend for dinner and it turned into a beautiful night. We ate dinner, drove around for a bit, but most importantly had great conversation.

We talked about things I never thought we would ever mention in our lives but it just so happened he and I were able to speak to each other in very vulnerable ways. Tonight confirmed that vulnerability does not have to mean opening up your deepest, darkest secrets, yet just speaking in your truest form.

Do not be afraid to be real in a world that is so cynical. Stand for what you believe in, speak your truth and do not be afraid to open up to unexpected people. Go out in the world, experience life in its rarest form, open yourself up to new possibilities that can move you in ways you never thought to be real or even exist. But most importantly, love yourself. Believe in who you are and nothing can stop you.

Speak your truth, because even if no one agrees, they can’t take that away from you.

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