Messes Can Be Cleaned

Messes can be cleaned.

Life is messy, but without messes we wouldn’t know how to appreciate when things were clean. It’s the same thing as never knowing success unless you fail. In a world where there’s more to worry about than spilled milk, messes should be the least of our troubles.

Being 20 and knowing as much as I can know at 20, I notice that the people around us young kids, the older people, seem to worry about things in my life as if they are affected by them directly. They seem to give advice as if they were in the situation themselves and with all due respect, they are not even the ones who are in our situations. Yes the advice comes from a good place and especially if they are a parent, of course they’re going to want to protect us best they can. But there comes a time when they need to let us make our own messes and better yet, let us figure out how to clean it.

Remember when we were little and we would spill a drink? Your mom or dad or whoever took care of you went to go get a paper towel and they wiped it up. But before they did they made sure you knew spilling your drink was a no no and that you should “be more careful next time”, and right in between getting the paper towel and cleaning up, they made sure they grumbled about how they’re wasting “yet another paper towel”. If life isn’t messy then why do paper towels exist? There are going to be some spills in life, some we can avoid and some we can’t. But just because a spill happened doesn’t mean you’re wrong or it’s bad. It just means you fumbled but there’s always a way to get the clean counter top back.

If you fumble in life, there’s always resources to help you get back on your feet. There’s people, places, and all sorts of different outlets to help you build yourself up again. Don’t be afraid to use them. Don’t be afraid to reach out in ways you wouldn’t normally because you never know what could really be the thing that helps you clean up your mess.

Do not be afraid of making a mess because messes can always be cleaned.

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