That Girl

I want to be the girl you can’t stop thinking about. The first person you think of in the morning and last person you think about before you drift off into your dreams, where you’ll meet me for a rendezvous in some far off place your mind has conjured up, with the utmost concealment, yet just as much exposure, where our souls can be free but simultaneously secret in the most private of ways.

I want to be that girl that when you awaken, and your eyes are greeted by the sunlight, that dream continues into day and the yearning for my presence persists indefinitely.

I want to be the source of your heart pounding in your chest so hard when you’re next to me that you have no other choice but to press your lips against mine, holding me so close, feeling the rhythm of our beating hearts is what drives every move to the definitive destination where our souls become one.

I want to be the girl you have those fun times with that are just too good to share. And I want to be the girl who makes the hard times a little bit easier just by a simple look, or touch. I want to be all of that, and so much more, but in fact, only time will tell who will be the person who encounters that journey with me.

Because when all is said and done, I need a mate who understands it’s a loving process. A loving process through it all, not just when it’s beneficial for one side. Because after all, my mate will understand that only after I’ve fought my battles, climbed my mountains and bared my scars, proving I can stand as a single pillar alone, that a love so pure and passionate is able to blossom from the cracks of the concrete jungle that is my hindrance. Because being that girl for someone else means nothing if I can’t be that girl for myself first.

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