Dominos Make Noise

A few months back I met this kid who told me he wanted to be a diplomat. He’s not an official Poly-Sci major and barely even know the inner-workings of how the government ran.

But damn is he smart.

He’s a history major, reads up on the current events of the world and might as well be in love with Nathan Drake or Hon Solo or any other strong male figure that is seen adventuring around foreign lands trying to uncover hidden truths of the world.

He has a vision of himself and yearns for adventure. But he’s anything but unreliable. He’s strong and a lot more secure than he thinks he is. And his mind is just as big as the maps he studies and gazes at in excitement. And I am so proud to call this kid my boyfriend.

When he told me what he really wanted to do was be a diplomat, my outside reaction was “….ummmm ok? How are you gonna do that?” but my inner reaction was “I may have just met the person who is just as crazy as me for wanting to be a blogger, motivational speaker and some day a TED Talk spokesperson”. He matched me, challenged me and forced me to admit to myself the “taboo” dream of pursuing my path as a writer – someone who writes her words as a comfort for anyone who needs a little bit of solace or that person who needs to hear those words that are said just right so that they can go out and carve their own path.

My point of me telling you this story is to remind you (and myself) to never suppress the voice in your head that’s screaming at you to do something that you really want to do, even if you’re scared. And when you find those people in your life that may have something to say that might be a bit “out there”, listen to them, because as they speak, if your mind is going off like a bunch of fireworks in silent agreement of what they are saying, let the fireworks go. DO NOT smother them.

“In a world that wants us to whisper I choose to yell” a quote from Luvvie Ajayi as she speaks about being a domino in a world that stands still.

Be your own domino, and choose to yell.

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