A representation of the lack of compassion and respect in today’s current world.

The Godfather: A Reboot

A redesign of the posters from the world-famous movie, “The Godfather”.


A feminist piece about being a strong woman in modern society. Inspired by Christina Aguilera and Lil’ Kim’s song, Can’t Hold Us Down, this piece focuses on the power and fire women have within them that makes them unstoppable.

Vector Marketing Northeast Logo

Logo commission for the Vector Marketing Northeast Providence Team!

Lady Diana:

An ode to the suspicious and sudden death of the late princess Diana.


The interpretation of a dreamlike state. The feeling of not being able to be there for the ones you love when you want to be there the most.

Ghost in the Machine: The Redesign

A redesign of the famous group’s logo and 3rd album, Ghosts in the Machine

DiSegna Wine Label:

A personal Christmas gift for my friend!

School Projects

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